September, 2017 | Mitiyana, Uganda

100% hOPE. The back story.

100% hOPE is one of those charities that seem to just hit the mark every time. Having followed closely the story of a childhood friend who ended up falling in love with the people of Uganda and inheriting a troubled children's home. 

Since then 100% hOPE has gone from strength to strength, impacting the lives of hundreds of children and getting them on an incredible path into the future. 

Over the years we’ve had the privilege of visiting and spending time with the children, seeing them grow and develop has been one of our greatest joys. 

Each year a select group of children get the chance to travel to Australia and tour the East Coast performing and sharing their stories through song and dance. These short films were created to accompany the performance and give the audience a taste of what life is like for children like Vincent and Edith. 

We follow pastor and social worker Herman as he takes us into the world of these children and explains why the work they do is so important. 

"When I grow up I need to be a doctor, treating sick people. I need to help people who don't have any help."

"my name is Edith"

I came here in two thousand thirteen and I’ve been here for four years.

I am only one sister because my mother died when she has just produced me and I was only alone and my father just died in the same year with my mother of two thousand eleven.

I like One Hundred Percent Hope because it’s so good caring for children, Those who don’t have parents care for them and that’s why I love 100% Hope.

I wake up in the morning, I bathe, I go to school, we study and I learn so many things and my best subject is mathematics and I like numbers so much.

When I grow up I need to be a doctor, treating sick people. I need to help people who don’t have any help.


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