May, 2022 | Sydney, Australia

Gut Full of Gambling

During COVID-19 lockdowns, many TV viewers noticed a massive increase in sports betting advertising. And it wasn’t just a factor of increased screen time. Gambling ads are no longer the domain of sports broadcasts but are repeatedly playing in prime-time programs.

Australians have had a gutfull. More than a third of AFL fans are worried about the proliferation of gambling advertising. Ad Standards community research indicates that 42% of Australians are concerned about the content of gambling ads, and their concerns are well-founded.

Pink Monkey and partner Final Post joined forces to assist Wesley Mission communicate this important message through a cinematic and heartfelt television commercial. 

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The backstory

Pink Monkey worked closely with the internal marketing team at Wesley Mission to bring their vision to life. 

Assembling our go-to team and crew we were able to create an agile and highly effective production environment that would achieve what was needed. The nuance and detail that these kinds of stories require is successful through strong performances and creating the right type of environment for the entire team to function. This is where we thrive. 

Team work

Shane, Agnes and their team are outstanding producers, colourists, project managers and project partners, and they’ve added unparalleled value to several high-stakes productions for me. They’re organised, efficient and very good communicators.

Their superpower is their care factor for each production, organisation, person and cause they work for. It makes them flexible, thrifty, energetic, innovative and careful, developing ingenious solutions to remove obstacles and deliver to (or beyond) the brief.

Over many years I have found the team are every bit as devoted as I am to the quality of the end result. They’ve been genuinely inspired by the different causes, respected the unique vision of each brief and the organisational goals behind it.

They’re great with people - warm, insightful and professional - which enables them to work easily in complex environments and under pressure.

In the for-purpose space, where communication must be nuanced to be effective, this is invaluable.
Kirrilee Trist
National Marketing Manager and Creative Director