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Ukraine Aid Delivery 2023

12 months after first visiting war torn Ukraine, we couldn’t wait to get back and do more to help the people we met along our journey. 

Our aim was to achieve two things. To deliver essential aid for the upcoming winter and also follow up on a story which we encountered previously in the village of Moschun (Kyiv Oblast). 

Communicating with our partners on the ground in Ukraine, we were able to get a good idea of what exactly was required. We’ve learnt that often the things we think would be high on the list of priorities are very different in reality… and again proven in these circumstances. Many families and older people had already received things such as sleeping bags and jackets the year before. So this year, the kind of things people were looking for were vitamins, basic medication, dehydrated foods, batteries and gas cookers. 

From the outset, this project was in a constant flux of change and fluidity, and we’d realised that the only way we could navigate it was to 100% trust in God and that He was in control.

This was proven almost on a daily basis, as some of our previous plans fell over, and new ones would be revealed. 

One of the biggest changes was the opportunity and invitation to visit the villages of Kherson region and what was the front line on day one of the 2022 attacks. We learnt that the level of devastation was immeasurable. In addition to the damage, the people were stoic, strong and very humble, often diverting any aid and assistant to “others who were in more need”… without knowing that they may have been the most in need. 

Our local partner, Dima, was delivering 10 small homes into the area. So we thought a cooking, water and food pack for each home would be a great way to kick-start their new home. We worked with local shops in Kyiv to provide bulk supplies, loaded them into the van and shipped them across the country into the Kherson region. 

When unloading the supplies at the local church so that we could create the individual packs, the helpers were overwhelmed with the amount, saying we could support 100 families! They were also excited to see some sneaky treats of chocolate and biscuits making the packs. 

The stories are endless and we could write for hours. However, the overwhelming response was gratitude and thanks.

You cannot measure the hope that is passed on to these people, that is thanks to you and your generous support. 

Thank you! 

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Fundraising dinner with Una Volta

We love when the word spreads and generosity multiplies. 

With no time to spare, Una Volta – a local Italian restaurant, committed to hosting a fundraising dinner and donating the proceeds from the night in support of our Ukraine winter supplies campaign. 

Their wonderful chef, Nikki Bondini treated all of the guests with a unique set menu experience including their regular specials topped with Ukrainian delicacies.

It was a night to remember and the generosity of everyone who attended allowed us to supercharge the fundraising efforts and ultimately provide more help.  

 Locals to Newcastle, please support Una Volta and enjoy their beautiful creations.


Scrubba is an ingenious Aussie product that we were proud to deliver into the village of Posad-Pokrovs’ke and front line soldiers. 

This groundbreaking invention is a portable washing machine! Essential for hygiene and keeping everyone healthy. 

For both these groups of people, Scrubba may be the only option they have to be able to effectively keep clean and hygienic within their current circumstances. 

Thank you Scrubba!

Ternopil Hospice

We visited the hospice and orphanage in Ternopil delivering a large food parcel and caught up on their work since last year. 

It was incredible to see how quickly they have been able to improve their building and expand into 3 more homes which will bring orphans a new family. 

We hope to work more with Ivan and Igor in the future and help raise more finance to directly help them build more housing and services.



While filming the documentary in Moschun, we also had the chance to meet and connect with many other locals. 

One day we even took a ride with the village leader, delivering potatoes to the babushka around the village. A crazy ride and a wonderful way to be introduced to the locals. 

We also had the opportunity to join with a small church in a semi-repaired church building. They had a group from Kyiv coming and working with the children, giving them love, hope and attention. 

Highlight… playing football outside until the sunset. Beautiful moments to treasure.